Drop-in Crafts

These are examples of crafts that are ready to go for drop-ins during open hours!

They also make great options for birthday parties and after hour groups!

We’re always adding new crafts, so check here or stop in to see what’s new!

Girls crafts.png

Pop Tart Pillow | Desk Organizer | Fiber Art Rainbow | Unicorn Flat Wood Shape | Mermaid Mirror | Wood Box | Flower Crown

Girls Crafts 2.png

Mermaid Dream Catcher | Shell Crown | Cakepops & Stand | Cake Stand and Treats | Unicorn Pot | Succulent Pot | Bag Charm | Unicorn Dreamcatcher | Unicorn Bow Holder | Mermaid Bow Holder


Butterfly | Picture Frame | Frappuccino | 3 Drawer Organizer

And if you’re not into pink and sparkles…

Parents often ask what crafts are available for boys, so here are some great options!

Dino Planter | Dino Terrarium | Aquarium Jar | Fishing Game | Superhero Flat Wood Shape | Superhero Shield | Slingshot | Cape


Bug Catcher | Bird House | Log Cabin Bird House | Dino | Mini Train | Truck | Wood Shapes (We have lots of different ones!)


Paddle | Anchor | Small Wood Box | Puppy | Rowboat | Bike